1. Poolside Deluxe Suite (Extra-person at Max 2 ppl)
Poolside deluxe suite is located next to the 26 meters infinity pool. Lying in bed, you can see the pool, the Pacific Ocean and the skyline. In addition to comfortable Super King Size (210X210cm) beds, five meters wide French windows that liberate your horizons. In this Exposed Concrete construction, the room is decorated with Taiwanese antiques and modern furniture to create a cozy space.

2. Double-level View Suite (Extra-person at Max 6 ppl)
Double-level View Suite does not only comes with the beautiful view of the Lanyang Plain, the Pacific Ocean and the skyline but also with ultra-high privacy. No one will bother you except the monkeys in mountains. Indoor rotating ladder directly goes to the third floor, where it is floored with ironwood which makes guests comfortable to sit or lie on. This multi-functional area could be used as a place to have tea, or even another room. Moreover, the outdoor terrace has an open-air tub, toilet, and shower facilities. Here, you can enjoy the flavor of nature.

3. Family View Suite (Extra-person at Max 3 ppl)
VIP room with great view and privacy for family activities or long stay. Facilities include indoor tub, wet and dry separation shower, indoor microcomputer automatic flush toilet, sauna and exquisite kitchen.

4. Grand View Premier Suite (Extra-person at Max 3 ppl)
Grand view premier suite does not only have a mountain view but also a sea view. The suite's unique design includes semi-outdoor Jacuzzi foam bathing tub, which makes guests relaxed during holidays. Other leisure facilities are as following: Nespresso Coffee Machine, Premier Massage Chair, indoor microcomputer automatic flush toilet, lounge chairs, private balcony and stairs down to the pool and the ground floor.


● The Rate (2024)
Type of Room Price
for 2 ppl
to May
June to
New Year
Poolside Deluxe Suite Ordinary
NT$6,500 NT$7,000 NT$8,000 Max 2 extra ppl
Holiday NT$7,000 NT$7,500
Double-level View Suite Ordinary
NT$7,000 NT$7,500 NT$9,000 Max 6 extra ppl
Family View Suite Holiday NT$7,500 NT$8,000 Max 3 extra ppl
Grand View Premier Suite Ordinary
NT$55,000 NT$59,000 NT$70,000 Up to
47 ppl total
Holiday NT$59,000 NT$63,000
Extra-adult charges   NT$2,500 NT$2,500 NT$3,000  
Extra-child charges   NT$1,200 NT$1,200 NT$1,500  

View Restaurant, Bar, Infinity Swimming Pool, Ecology Pool, Wide Lawn, Butterfly Garden, Organic Garden & Orchard and Ecology track.

■Definitions of Ordinary Day, Hectic Day & Holiday
- Ordinary Day: Sun-Fri
- Holiday: Sat, Long Holidays

1. Amidst rising prices, we have launched an anti-inflation plan to promote eco-tourism and the joy of self-service. Starting from May 1, 2024, our guesthouse will reduce room rates (as per the rate chart). Only breakfast and dinner (set meals) are provided.
2. The set meals are served in a nine-compartment tray (dishes include: chicken, seafood, pickled radish omelette (braised egg), sausage, braised pork rice, vegetables, cold dishes, fruit, mung bean cake/seasonal variations).
3. The lobby bar is equipped with heating appliances (oven, microwave, rice cooker) and basic utensils (plates, bowls, chopsticks, etc.). Please clean and return them after use. Guests are welcome to bring their own food.
4. Barbecue is available (guests need to bring their own ingredients, utensils, and barbecue equipment). Barbecue carts can be rented for a fee of NT$1,000. Longan charcoal is available for NT$250 per 3kg bag.
5. In accordance with the Ministry of Environment’s announcement, starting from 2024, accommodation providers are not allowed to offer disposable toiletries. Thank you for supporting green tourism. Our guesthouse rooms provide large and small towels, slippers, hair dryers, and shower shampoo.
6. For those who need a shuttle service, please contact the car rental companies or taxis in cooperation with our guesthouse.
7. For full-house bookings, catering services or external catering can be provided upon request.
8. All the rate is for 2 ppl.
9. Child above 110cm is charged as adult; infant is free.
10. Need to pay 30% of the rate as deposit.
11. Check-in time - 3:00pm; Check-out time – 11:00am. 

■Cancellation Policy
1. If booking is cancelled on the check-in day or does not check in, the deposit is deducted 100% as handling fee.
2. If check-in is not possible due to the natural disasters and with consent from B&B, the deposit will be fully refunded.
3. If booking is cancelled one day before check-in, the deposit is deducted 80% as handling fee.
4. If booking is cancelled 2~3 days before check-in, the deposit is deducted 70% as handling fee.
5. If booking is cancelled 4~6 days before check-in, the deposit is deducted 60% as handling fee.
6. If booking is cancelled 7~9 days before check-in, the deposit is deducted 50% as handling fee.
7. If booking is cancelled 10~13 days before check-in, the deposit is deducted 30% as handling fee.
8. If booking is cancelled 14 or more days before check-in, the deposit will be fully refunded.